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Armour Install shot

Noontime Ghosts -Eve Leibe Gallery

Untitled Burn Web.jpg

'Untitled'  Oil on Canvas  153 x 112 cm

Green Bird web.jpg

'Untitled'  Oil on Canvas  92 x 122 cm

Green Pink.jpg

'Meaning Hole'  Oil on Canvas   92 x 117 cm

Angel wings web.jpg

'Angel Wings'  Oil on Canvas  70 x 70 cm

Ashtray Eyes

'Ashtray Eyes'  Oil on Linen  41 x 30 cm


'Armour'  Oil on Canvas  153 x 214 cm


'Burn'  Oil on Canvas  118 x 153 cm

'Untitled'  Oil on Linen 120 x 60 cm


'Airhead'  Oil on Canvas  127 x 112 cm

Pales in Comparison web.jpg

''It Pales in Comparison'  Oil on Linen  120 x 60 cm 

Drunk Preacher

'Untitled'  Oil on Canvas  183 x 117 cm

Rush web.jpg

'Rush'  Oil on Linen  88 x 88 cm



'Dawn'  Oil on Linen  20 x 25 cm

Can You Taste The Crush

'Can You Taste the Crush'  Oil on Linen  45 x 40 cm


'Untitled'  Oil on Linen  35 x 30 cm

grass web.jpg

'Untitled'  Oil on Linen  30 x 25 cm

2020 Stars and stripes

'2020 Stars and Stripes'  Oil on Linen  25 x 20 cm


'Guillotine'  Oil on Linen  31 x 41 cm

'Airhead'  Oil on Linen  36 x 26 cm

'My Eyes Tie-dyed'  Oil on Linen  35 x 46 cm


Whatever’s for lunch is fine.


Nov 8th—Apr 1st 2020

at 1288 15th Ave

For the reopening of 1288 15th Avenue, we welcome Will Thomson for his debut exhibition with Problem Library and first solo in the US.

The exhibition is comprised of painting, photography and installations with a common reflective value. Will’s work directs us towards discernible and common inner moments. Separate from photographic concepts in the artists practice, a real scene is never depicted but emerges from process.

Multiple versions of each painting exist within layers of oil paint that have been reduced, reworked, and rebuilt through both sides of raw linen.

–Peanut butter sandwich, two apples and an orange, you don’t have to have a filet mignon in order to be happy.

The title of the show is a phrase from a spiritual lecture playing in a car, overheard by the artist. The unfamiliar source, and chance form in which it appeared, acted as symbolic in its parallel to the visual experience that begins each artwork.

'Varicose Bliss'  Oil on Linen  71 x 71 cm

'Pollen'  Oil on Linen  25 x 35 cm

'I Wanna Be Like Water If I Can'  Oil on Linen  30 x 40 cm

'The Heater'  Oil on Linen  30 x 40 cm

'Untitled'  Oil on Linen  30 x 40 cm

'Untitled'  Oil on Linen  15 x 20 cm 


Selected Exhibitions


Whatever's For Lunch Is Fine - Problem Library - 2019 - San Francisco 



-Noontime Ghosts - Eve Leibe - 2022 - London

-Pathways on Paper - South Parade - 2022 - London

-Future Fossils - Alice Black - 2021 - London

-On View - Problem Library - 2021 - San Francisco 

-For Your Eyes Only - Bubenberg - 2020 - Paris/Online 

-Art Market San Francisco - Problem Library - 2019 - San Francisco 

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